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Dumplings & Wontons

  • West Elm Market (map)
  • 50 Washington Street
  • Brooklyn, NY

Love dumplings and eager to make them at home? Join us in this 2- hour dumpling extravaganza, where we’ll learn the basics of wrapping both Chinese dumplings and wontons.

In the first part of the class, you'll learn a variety of methods for wrapping the dumplings and wontons (very hands-on!) Then we will move on to the cooking process, to learn a sure-fire method for pan-frying dumplings to crispy perfection. As for the wontons, so you can learn how versatile they can be, we will enjoy them as a deliciously spicy Sichuan appetizer.

We'll have both meat and vegetarian options for dumpling fillings to work with.

We want to devote as much time as possible to wrapping and cooking. You'll also receive recipes for the fillings, sauces, and wrapping to take home so you can prepare your own fillings and refresh your memory of the wrapping process.

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