In addition to writing this blog and working on my  cookbook,  I also teach cooking classes around New York. Here's a list of upcoming classes, other events, and links to where you can sign up. I hope to cook with you in the near future!


September 5, 2013  – Dumplings and Wontons  at Brooklyn Brainery (sold out)

September 12, 2013  Introduction to Sichuan Cuisine at Brooklyn Brainery

September 16, 2013 Chinese Vegetarian Cooking  at The Institute of Culinary Education

September 18, 2013 –  Dumplings with Seasonal Vegetables  at West Elm Broadway 

September 25, 2013   Vegetarian Sushi-making  at West Elm Dumbo 

October 5 & 6, 2013    Weekend Cooking Camp at Brooklyn Brainery (sign-up info posted soon!)

October 14, 2013    Hong Kong-Style Dim Sum  at The Institute of Culinary Education

November 8, 2013    The Chinese Takeout Cookbook Class at The Institute of Culinary Education

January 7, 2014     Sichuan Spice at The Institute of Culinary Education



Dumplings and Summer Rolls at West Elm Market

Asian Cooking for the Spring at The Institute of Culinary Education

Seasonal Asian Cooking at Haven's Kitchen

Sichuan Spice at The Institute of Culinary Education

Chinese Vegetarian Cooking at The Institute of Culinary Education

The Chinese Takeout Cookbook Launch Party at 61 Local

Wontons and Dumplings! at Brooklyn Brainery

Cooking Demo and Book Signing at BookCourt

The Chinese Takeout Cookbook Class at The Institute of Culinary Education

Wontons and Dumplings!at Brooklyn Brainery

Summer Tiki Feast at Ted and Amy Supper Club

Chinese New Year Dinner at Ted and Amy Supper Club

Chinese Takeout at Home at Ted and Amy Supper Club

Dumplings and Wontons at Ted and Amy Supper Club

Mid-Winter Tiki Party