Crispy Duck Spring Rolls

Roast duck is one of my favorite meats, and it's one of the easiest dishes to find in Guangdong province. Delicious, sweet Cantonese roast duck is sold by every other neighborhood restaurant, for cheap. Up north, the story is a little different.

In Beijing, unless you have the appetite for a full Peking duck meal, good roast duck is a little harder to find. One option is to go to a restaurant that offers Peking duck and order some crispy roast duck spring rolls. (Along with other dishes, of course.) The meat is the same high quality as the whole ducks, and the amount is just enough to satisfy the taste buds. Of course, these can also be ordered as part of a Peking duck dinner.

The formula for a good crispy duck spring roll is one part crispy skin and one part flavorful filling. Fillings vary by restaurant, but usually consist of fatty duck meat, cooked egg, carrots, and lettuce. The duck meat should be sufficiently seasoned (salted) to lend flavor to the rest of the ingredients, so no need for a dipping sauce.

Bianyifang Roast Duck Restaurant
2A Chongwenmenwai Dajie
Chongwen District, Beijing