Fun Fruits for Chinese New Year

Fruits can be tasty as well as expressive. In China, it's not uncommon, especially around New Year, to find these fruits with natural writing on them.

The only name I know of is "fat choy guo" is Cantonese, meaning lucky or fortune fruits. Growers simply tape a stenciled sticker over the fruit before they're matured to block out light and thus create a natural design. Creative, no?

These fruits are usually displayed at botantical gardens and parks, or sold in produce markets as gifts. This year my parents bought apples to display next to their requisite plate of (design-less) clementines. Last year I blogged about and posted photos of these nectarines I bought in Beijing:

Speaking of clementines, in addition to all the little ones that spring up everywhere in winter, I found this enormous "prosperity clementine" at a supermarket today. As big as a pomelo, it towers over the normal-sized clementines. Since I bought it mainly for display, I haven't tasted to see if it's just as sweet.