Featured on BlogHer, Momos, and Some Brief Thoughts

This past Saturday Appetite for China was featured on BlogHer in a nice little write-up in the Food & Drink section. Check out their site for other blogs, on food and just about every other topic, written by women. In other news, I have been bombarded with work, taxes, and catching up on the news out west. Living inside China I'm getting the full brunt of the state media and citizens' reactions, but as an expat and a current events addict I have the luxury of more resources for information. Maybe when I have more time I'll try to get my thoughts together coherently about this messy situation in a way that won't get me blocked or simply reiterate other Western perspectives.

In the mean time, I'm remembering the delicious momos and gyathuk ngopa from Tsampa, a lovely little restaurant in NYC's East Village that was an oasis of serenity from the more frenetic world outside.